Classic MadTV meets AppleTV = iRack

MadTV meets AppleTV = iRack

This classic skit from MadTV runs a great parallel of current events.


State of the Union Addressed

Chappelle’s Show with John Mayer

I hadn’t seen this one in a while, it just cracks me up…classic…

WOW!! Boise St. Rocks & Oklahoma Rolls

What more can you say but wow! this is why I love sports…

I loved the comments here from Seattlest who turned me on to this today.

Who wrote this script? Underdog Boise State gives up 15 points in about ten seconds to fall behind by a touchdown, ties Oklahoma with seven seconds left on a hook and ladder play, gets a TD in overtime on a halfback pass, then goes for the win with a two-point conversion and gets it on a Statue of Liberty play. As our roommate observed, Boise State’s coach brings his testicles to the game in two duffel bags. Then, after the game, star running back Ian Johnson asks his girlfriend, a Boise State cheerleader, to marry him (she said yes).

This went to immediate “save until I erase” status on the Tivo. All the plays are above on this YouTube footage via Deadspin.

Helping Where Help Is Needed.

This clip is from the show Studio 60 aired 12/4/06 and again 12/18/06. It featured musicians from New Orleans and there are links to the Tipitina’s Foundation as well as a link to a free download of the song they played, Oh Holy Night. Check it out. I really enjoyed and was very much moved by it.

There is a lot of need in New Orleans, Mississippi and the entire Gulf region. Let’s not forget that they are still struggling to get on with life. Please help in every and all ways. The Tipitina’s Foundation is just one avenue of helping. It helps to keep the creative pool of energy alive for the unique music of New Orleans to continue.

Links – Tipitina’s Foundation and Studio 60

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