My Tivo Awaits reports –

Hitachi today introduced the Deskstar 7K1000, the world’s first 1TB hard drive for desktop systems. The 3.5-inch 7200RPM drive, which was originally slated for 2006, uses the company’s own perpendicular magnetic recording technology to store five platters of 200GB each. The drive sets a new record for density, according to Electronista, and the added size does not detract from performance. The 7K1000 is one of the only drives to feature 32MB of cache over the industry-standard 16MB on serial ATA models, and boasts a rapid 8.5ms average seek time. Shipments are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of the year for $400, while a version optimized for media streaming and quiet operation — dubbed the CinemaStar 7K1000 — is due in the second quarter.

Can’t wait to put this bad boy in my Tivo hopefully it isn’t blastoff noisy.

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