Hand of God

An important documentary of the Catholic Priest molestation epidemic. Hand of God can now be seen on PBS (and online).

It is important to remember that many of these cases are still on going and the Catholic church and other clergy are fighting these cases tooth and nail. Very few are owning up to the crimes that have been committed over the past many decades. It seems the only way to hold these abusers and those that allow or cover-up accountable is to go public and take them through the legal system. By forcing these groups to address the issues only then can change, maybe, happen. These institutions are just given to much power. As humans, which clergy of any faith just are, the temptation of power held unchecked generally leads to the dark side of human nature to appear.

Like all abuse only by shedding light on the issues can we as individuals and a society move forward. Truth is the prevailing need in all cases of life.



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