Apple…just Apple

Reading about Cisco’s lawsuit…why doesn’t Apple just call it the Apple Phone just like the Apple TV and now Apple, Inc. I mean I am getting a little tired of everything being ‘i’ this and ‘i’ that anyways.

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2 Responses to “Apple…just Apple”

  1. yapman Says:

    Have to agree, the “i” is so late-90s heh. But if they are going to change it, I’d like to see a word other than “Phone” too. It makes sense, but its so… obvious, if you know what I mean. The iPod wasn’t called the iMusic, the iMP3, or the iListen, and I’d like to think it helped in its success in some way because “Pod” sounds kinda hip and cool.

  2. tfree Says:

    hey yapman, you may be right. it will be interesting to see what comes of this. With the rebranding of the company and the name given to the TV product it almost seems out of place that they didn’t name it Apple Phone. Oh well.

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